I’m a paid subscriber of Lenny Rachitsky’s growth marketing community. Each week he focuses on a main topic and sources inspiration for his content from his community. This week I was happily surprised when I was featured in this article talking about SaaS growth metrics and tracking: https://www.lennyrachitsky.com/p/the-most-important-bottom-up-saas

What I’ve seen over the years – and what Lenny also pointed out – is that may of us are still using google sheets or another manual spreadsheet for tracking core growth metrics.

Personally, I like the forcing function that a weekly manual review of metrics provides myself and my teams. By doing the rollup reporting by hand, you are forced to own the metrics, and you’ll get really good at spotting trends in your metrics over time.

A screenshot of my dash is below. If you’d like to make a copy of this spreadsheet, just drop your name and email into the form below and you’ll instantly receive a link to make a copy.

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      • Colleen

        Hi Craig! Found this really helpful – can definitely attest to using sheets/excel when in doubt, so this is a great reference.

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