Learn sustainable growth from Craig Zingerline.

I'm a 6-time founder who understands the ins and outs of building and scaling startups. I've had my share of wins - and also some epic losses - from which I've learned so much from. 

I built Growth Minded to help startups and founders with growth & product strategy and to help you become one of the startups that scales and succeeds. I do this via my training programs as well as my workshop & consulting services.

I'm available for select project work as well as speaking engagements.

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I work with select companies and founders, as well as offer workships and speaking engagements.

Establish your Key Growth Drivers

Work with me or learn what really matters within your business around growth, and build a strong foundation from which to scale on.

Holistic Marketing

I can help you build a world-class product or marketing strategy, or can help augment your current process.

Unlock new revenue

I focus on revenue growth, and can help you establish new product or business lines that will drive more growth.

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