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I’m going to walk you through how to actually come up with some brand-new Performance Marketing keyword ideas based off of search traffic that people are searching for but not clicking on your website. So let me show you how this works.  So  I’m in Google webmaster search console right now and I can see the list of queries that people are doing search for and then clicking on my site based on so in this particular case, I’m looking at the Votion. dot co which is an Enterprise SAS platform mostly to run March Madness brackets through and so you can see that a lot of people are searching for our domain or our Branded keyword and they’re also clicking on it. There’s some other Search terms in here that both are getting a lot of impressions as well as clicks, but what’s interesting is as I scroll down the I get to the zero I get into the zero quick Rob until bracket generators are great example of a keyword research phrase that people really should be using to search for us.

Defining the problem is we have zero clicks here. We have 62 Impressions. So what I often will do is I’ll take this entire list of keywords and I’ll actually start with the data that is not getting any clicks. So March Madness bracket terms interactive bracket, all of these are relevant to most of these are relevant to our actual company and would likely lead to some sales. So I take this data and I actually export it over to Excel and let me show you what I do over here. So in Excel, what I’ve done is I’ve actually filtered out any keyword that resulted in a quick already to my site. So I was looking at the last 28 days of search data. And so if I take out all of the traffic gets already getting organic clicks, then I’m going to focus Less on those keywords in when I go to look at my page. Then I’m going to try to get kind of net new search results that lead to a quick so I’m going to use the pay channels to do that.

This list here’s what I’m left with when I take out any search term that got to click. So I’m just going to copy this and I’m going to bring it over to my Keyword Planner and I’m going to try to get a forecast for this Sunday in looks like I’ve got an error here. So I’ll remove that keyword and when I clicked it started I’m going to come up with an actual budget so I can get 16000 clicks for $24,000 which is little more than I want to spend. So what I’m going to do here is I’m just going to say how many clicks can I get for $0.25 per click on average and it looks like for 340 bucks. I can get two thousand two hundred klicks, so that’s not bad. So what I’m doing here is I’m taking intent-based searches so searches that I’m already getting organically, but that nobody’s clicking on and what I can do is back into it from a Performance Marketing paid side in actually drive a bunch of clicks. So with an average position of 2.2. That means if somebody does a search for one of these keywords and I’ve got an ad   running with that keyword or search phase  my ad will show up in position number two versus if you look back on the performance here where I’m getting Impressions many many of these are actually way way way down in terms of ranking, and if you look back on the data that you can export to show you so interactive content marketing was in position 62 position 72. So these are just are not performing at all organically, so I’m going to take these are going to bid on them, and then I’m going to go back from an SEO  standpoint going to work on content to hopefully drive that position way up so we   start getting clicks. So hopefully you found that helpful and nice little trick to use to kind of get some new key words into the mix based on keywords that actually have somewhat high intent so good luck and thanks. 

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