Growth University – Q & A samples

During Growth University, we cover a lot of ground in how we look at growth through the lens of both time, budget, resources, and strategy. In week 1, we cover the foundations of growth – things like team structure, an intro to experimentation, how to start measuring growth, and other strategies that will keep us highly organized to grow faster.

In this post, I wanted to show a preview of some of the content – this in the form of Q&A based on real questions asked in the private beta of the program.

In this video I’ve answered three questions in detail:

  1. How do I determine how much time to allocate on growth?
  2. I haven’t hit scale with customers yet – what’s too small to test?
  3. How do I know what customer feedback to listen to and what to ignore?

Give it a preview, and please reach out with any feedback! And if you like this, you’ll love Growth University! Apply below.

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