In this conversation with Xenia Muntean from Planable, we do a deep dive on content marketing & SEO, as well as talk about how Xenia built up Planable from idea to scale.

She walks us through the strategies and tactics that Planable is using to reach new users, and how they are approach leveraging resources, downloads, and SEO for driving their key growth metrics.

We cover a lot of ground, including topics such as:

  • What’s working and not working in the content marketing space?
  • Are companies producing too much or too little content?
  • To be a great content marketers, what channels do you have to be publishing on?
  • Should companies be leveraging TikTok yet? Does every brand need to be there?
  • What’s the future of the workspace?
  • And so much more!

Learn more about Planable and save 30% off a 6-month plan using the promo code “growthled” if you’d like to give it a try.

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