In this episode of the Growth Led Podcast, I interviewed Jessica and Foti from GrowthMentor. GrowthMentor is the industry leading marketplace that helps connect Growth mentors with mentees looking to get better at growth. 

In this episode we cover:

  • How to manage your time when working with highly manual aspects of community management
  • How GrowthMentor filters their applications to ensure the best talent gets into the network
  • Why being open to changing your business model is key to future scale
  • How and when does gamification actually work? 
  • How cross-network effects in a double sided marketplace help drive growth
  • When to automate and when to be a human
  • How mentors can provide the most value to mentees by focusing on a framework, not giving advice
  • What the most exciting part of the community is (hint…it’s a triggered action)
  • What elements of community are very hard?
  • How Zoom almost got me to purchase a plan after running out of time on this call!
  • …and so much more!

Check out to learn more about the platform!

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