Growth Minded is a micro-agency that does very select consulting gigs for startups that have strong growth potential. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch. If you’d like to learn more about the team, check out our about page. Or, learn more about some of our key offerings below.

What we specialize in:

Growth Strategy & Frameworks

We can help you build the growth framework that you’ll use to drive your growth strategy, build your growth model on top of, and use as your go-to resource for tests and reporting. We’ll look at how to measure your product performance, including conversion rates. We’ll cover how to spot issues early, and we’ll look at how to build a model to help predict future growth.

Activation & Driving Intent

How are you driving your users to take the intended action you want them to take? How are you driving engagement for your audience? We’ll help look at all aspects of activation, including on-boarding, drip campaigns, and conversion optimization, and outline key steps to drive a higher user to activation ratio.

Retention – the pillar of growth

Retention is the single biggest driver of success no matter what type of company you are. We can dive deep into retention modeling, cohort analysis, and the different stages of retained and lapsed users. We’ll help ensure you have the tools and tactics needed to track and measure retention, and the strategy to drive your decision making process.

Product Led Growth

We can help you build your product led growth strategy. Craig runs product workshops to help you get from idea to feature or product. View his overview and curriculum here.

Experimentation & Testing

We’ll show you how to leverage hypothesis driven tests to maximize growth at each step of your customer lifecycle, how to build tests properly, how to prioritize growth tests, and how to measure and iterate based on results.

Paid Acquisition

We’ve done everything from Bootstrapped a SaaS company to having over a million dollar per month marketing budget, across a wide variety of industries. We can help you maximize your ROI regardless of your budget, and implement the set of tools you can use across all paid channels.

Organic channels: referrals, SEO, content marketing

Organic channels can be immensely powerful for your company regardless of stage, amount of capital raised, or revenue. We can help you define what levers you can pull to drive more organic traffic, what it takes from a time and team standpoint, and how to determine which areas to focus on first.

Roadmapping Growth

I’ll help you get more folks at your company involved in growth. I can show you some fun and effective ways to build a growth based company and how to get your successful experiments into the product roadmap.

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