I'm Craig Zingerline - 6 time founder who has helped dozens of companies scale their product & growth organizations. I'm the Chief Product Officer @ Sandboxx and was previously Head of Growth at Upside Travel, CEO of Votion, Head of Growth at Red Tricycle (acquired), and VP at New Signature (acquired).  

Over the past 20 years I've built a wide variety of curriculums spanning product management, product strategy, growth marketing, and more. I've distilled all of my efforts thus far into two main workshops outlined below.

Workshops are a great way to get your growth and/or product strategy set, and are highly interactive & engaging group sessions.

If you'd like to see reviews of my work, visit my public profile on GrowthMentor here or view some testimonials below.

Growth Strategy Workshop

Private 4 or 8 hour workshop (1 or 2 day) focused on helping you build the sustainable growth framework you need to scale. Topics we cover include:

  • Introduction to Growth
  • Building your growth framework
  • Activation & Driving Intent
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Retention - the pillar of growth
  • Experiments, A/B Testing, & Growth Process

There are multiple models we'll build out during the course of the workshop, including a revenue model, growth model, Input Action Outcome (IAO) model, Acquisition model, Retention model, and an experimentation framework that you can use to start building amazing growth tests.

Product Strategy Workshop

Private 4 or 8 hour workshop (1 or 2 day) focused on helping you build your company (and/or team) product roadmap. Topics we cover include:

  • Long term product vision building
  • Vision scorecard
  • Vision critical path hypothesis
  • Key metrics to define success by
  • Themes, Metrics, Features & Experiments supporting your roadmap
  • Quarterly roadmap with feature candidate ideas & ideas to put into experiments
  • 1 year rolling roadmap that you'll take and own

I'll show real examples from companies I've worked with that have scaled, and you'll come away energized to build and improve on your roadmap.

Trusted by startups, founders, & growth stage companies such as:


Craig did an amazing job of getting to know me and my product ideas, to help me find clarity on my goals, methods, and next steps.

Chris T.

Craig helped me review our SaaS metrics and gave me experienced opinion on where our biggest opportunity is... It was very helpful to walk someone through the whole funnel numbers and get reference for what is normal and what is not at each stage.

Jan K.

Fantastic! Very knowledgeable. Very helpful. We learned a lot about Craig's workflows for customer discovery research.

Nichole D.

Loved the session. Gave me a true sense of clarity and just a different perspective. Made my week....I would absolutely recommend speaking to Craig if you need a well-rounded view of your business...

Maris S.

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