Mastering Growth Series

Become a growth expert over 8 weeks

Mastering Growth Series will teach you how to become a growth expert. The field of growth is expanding rapidly and growth roles are one of the fastest growing roles in the professional space.

Built for professionals in Marketing, Product Management, and Growth roles, the Mastering Growth Series is a deep dive into the essential elements of Growth.

areas of focus

  • How to build and prioritize growth tests into your roadmap

  • Build a detailed quantitive growth model

  • Learn how to capture higher returns on your acquisition efforts

  • Get customers and users to follow your intended actions

  • Solidify your retention strategies, leading to more growth

  • And much, much more!

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Product Bootcamp

From idea to execution

Product Bootcamp is an intensive, hands on workshop that takes your digital product concept and works it through the entire product lifecycle to help you get your idea into the wild.

The course is run in-person or virtually, and is 12 hours in length over 4 evenings or 2 days.

areas of focus

You’ll move from idea validation and feedback through product planning and road mapping your Minimum Testable Product (MTP). 

You’ll then move to UX & Wireframes before building a working Prototype. Along the way you’ll learn about product design, tools, & best practices.

You’ll end up with a working prototype that you can take to users and get feedback on, so you can iterate from there.

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