Product bootcamp


Product Bootcamp is an intensive, hands on workshop that takes your digital product concept and works it through the entire product lifecycle to help you get your idea into the wild, and to find your initial customers.

You’ll move from idea validation and feedback through product planning and road mapping your Minimum Testable Product (MTP)You’ll then move to UX & Wireframes before building a working Prototype. You’ll build your marketing plan along the way, and will gain customer insights to help shape your go to market strategy. Along the way you’ll learn about product design, tools, & best practices.

You’ll also learn how to design tasks, work with no-code platforms or an engineering person if you have one, and will build a metrics driven dashboard to guide you along your journey.

Think of Product Bootcamp as a cross between the Lean Startup, Startup Weekend and a Startup Incubator/Accelerator all condensed into an action packed workshop with 4 follow-up sessions.

Product Bootcamp is for solo founders and small teams looking for the best & fastest way to launch a product.


The program is run as a 1 or 2 day workshop with 4 additional of 1-hour checkin sessions (1 per month) after the workshop. If run as 1 day, we’ll move faster though the entire process than if we do a 2 day workshop, which is more comprehensive and run at a slightly slower pace. The end result is similar though – it depends on how much time you want to commit.

First module (day 1 or morning of single day workshop)

  • Product & Idea Review
  • Building a Market Testable Product (MTP) Roadmap
  • Building initial customer profiles and personas
  • Initial go to market strategy and tactics
  • Building Your Product Roadmap
  • User Experience – Techniques & Tools

Second module (day 2 or afternoon of single day workshop)

  • Building The Market Testable Product User Experience
  • Building The First Prototype
  • Tips for Designing a Product
  • Product Development – Tools, Technology, Options, User Stories and Creating Tasks
  • Building your Team
  • Essential elements of growth marketing

Checkin sessions

  • 4 sessions spread out over a couple weeks or a few months, TBD together
  • Access to Growth University growth curriculum is included


We accept entrepreneurs who at a minimum have an idea they are passionate about. We also work with existing products and can help strengthen and improve your product.

Here are some items you should consider completing before the Bootcamp:

  1. Ability to pitch your idea in under 5 minutes giving an overview of the idea or product you are bringing to the table. Should include:
    –Market opportunity
    –Why you’re building this now
    –Why you are the right team
    –At least one product sketch or wireframe

  2. Demonstrated knowledge of the space you are entering.

  3. A compelling reason to enter the space – getting a startup off the ground is hard, keeping it running through all the bumps along the way is even harder. We’re looking for people committed to their idea who will stick with it through launch and beyond.


When does Product Bootcamp run?
I book Product Bootcamp sessions throughout the year. I’ll do my best to accommodate your schedule. I’ve run sessions during the week, in the evening, and even on the weekend. Contact me to see what dates are available.

How much does Product Bootcamp cost?
The single day rate is $6,000, including prep time and 4 one-hour meetings post-bootcamp.

The 2 day rate is $12,000, including prep time and 4 one-hour meetings post-bootcamp.

Travel is not included in the costs of running an in-person bootcamp.

Do you run group workshops?
Yes! Contact me to learn more!

Do you run workshops for corporations and professional groups?
We do! Contact me for corporate & larger group rates.

Do you offer anything outside of Product Bootcamp?
Yes. I offer an add-on package for Branding for an additional fee. 

Who leads the workshop?
Craig Zingerline leads and runs the workshop. Craig is a long time educator, having taught numerous college level courses as well as building and developing multiple curriculum’s in the technology space. Craig is the current co-founder and CEO of Growth University, where hundreds of startups have honed their product and growth skills.

Highlights include:

  • CEO of Growth University, home of over 10 growth and product programs
  • Developing the curriculum for the Founder.University program

  • Being a LAUNCH Accelerator mentor (and 2x attendee!)

  • Building or co-founding 6 startups

  • Mentoring dozens of startups and other founders

  • Strategizing, developing and launching over 100 web and app products

  • Teaching web, database & product strategy at the University level

  • Developing intensive professor training programs for Virginia Tech, including building multiple-day workshops

Read more about Craig here on LinkedIn.

What do I get out of it in terms of deliverables?
A lot! You’ll come out with a real roadmap, tasks, wireframes/UX as well as a working Prototype, start to a technical plan, growth and marketing dashboard and more.

Do you do website/mobile development work?
Development is not included as part of Product Bootcamp, but we have great partners who can help.

Contact / Learn more

Reach out if you’d like pricing or more information. The full syllabus may be requested – just reach out below if you’d like to learn more.