Mastering Growth - Content Collaboration

Mastering Growth - content collaboration

Here are areas where I am looking for some help:

Growth Led Podcast

I have started a Podcast and it's gaining traction quickly. For these sessions, I like to go deep into an area of growth. This is not fluffy high level content, it's in the weeds scenarios that the audience can take and learn from in the real world. The format is a 20-30 minute recorded session (audio only is released).

You can view the first set of interviews here:

I will launch and promote the episode both to the public as well as in my Growth curriculum, if relevant enough. 

Written Content Contributions

If you have a really solid use case, case study, or other tip/trick/strategy that you’d like to share, please let me know. My recommendation is at least 700 words, but it’s likely a slightly longer lesson will perform better.

Here’s an example of a short case study that I put together

Video & Tutorial Contributions

Video is a highly effective way to keep learners engaged. Feedback from the 200 or so folks that have come through my course already have really valued the short and medium form videos. It’s digestible and a great way to showcase a deeper concept. 

Here is an example video I have in the course

Thoughts on self-promotion

I’d be happy to put a link out to your product/service as part of the distribution if you want to self promote a bit. Just don't be over the top - this is about building value for the community first. That said, I will promote the hell out of you and your content anywhere I can.

Monetization & Promotion

  • There will always be a free tier with solid examples, but it won’t be complete. You can see the free Growth 101 course here.

  • For the paid course, I can set you up as an affiliate in the curriculum and can share back a portion of any revenue that you drive to the course

  • I’m also taking 10% of the revenue I bring in and sharing it back to content contributors - I’ll work with you to determine a fair share of the total revenue slice that I’m setting aside

  • I’m happy to give each contributor a pool of free invites for the paid tier as well

Final thoughts

If you are interested in contributing, please fill out this form below and I'll follow up quickly via email. I’d be thrilled to hear from you!


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