Mastering Growth

Learn how to get results – now!

A part time series for becoming a growth Master

Mastering Growth Series teaches you how to become a growth expert quickly by doing hands-on work.

You’ll learn the ways to drive sustainable growth, and will come out with your own playbook that you’ll use week over week during and after the program. This is an action packed curriculum that will keep you 100% focused on learning and driving results week over week

What is growth?

“Growth starts with looking at every stage of the customer journey and ensuring that the product or service adds value to that customer’s experience the entire way through their lifecycle.”

— Craig Zingerline, Lead Instructor & Founder of Growth Minded

You can determine your own outcome!

If you’re a product manager, marketer, or already working in growth, this program will arm you with the knowledge and playbook to de-risk your company and to help you step-up your growth skills.

What you’ll learn

Built for professionals in Marketing, Product Management, and Growth roles, the Mastering Growth Series is a deep dive into the essential elements of Growth. You’ll learn:

  • How to build and prioritize growth tests into your roadmap

  • Build a detailed quantitive growth model

  • Learn how to capture higher returns on your paid acquisition efforts

  • Get customers and users to follow your intended actions

  • Solidify your retention strategies, leading to more growth

  • And much, much more!

You’ll learn from seasoned growth experts who have built and scaled companies of all sizes, and get hours of hands-on material, downloadable frameworks to use as templates, and a network of seasoned mentors to share knowledge with.

How it works

  • This program is designed to be accessed from anywhere – there is no physical component to it, and all class material and examples are distributed weekly digitally.

  • You’ll receive homework as part of each module – take at your own pace. You can move as quickly or slowly through the program as you wish.

  • Progress through linearly, or skip ahead to sections that are most relevant to your companies most pressing needs.

Why is growth critical?

Because a whopping 74% of startups who fail consider market or marketing challenges as their key reason for failure!

Seriously? Yes! But you can change the outcome for your company!

Source: In 2006, Paul Graham, the famous founder of startup incubator Y Combinator wrote about why startups fail. Fast forward to 2018 and CB Insights ran 101 startup postmortems on companies that failed. Summarizing these reports shows a heavy skewing towards market and marketing.