Growth marketing courses to help you grow your startup.

I currently run three growth marketing courses, each with their own set of focus areas. 

Growth University is my live cohort-based program, in collaboration with LAUNCH. This is a deep dive on growth, which 6 weeks of content, including weekly live sessions & guest speakers. The NPS score on this is a world class 82. 

I also run a Paid Acquisition Deep Dive micro course that focuses on Facebook & Google paid acquisition. 

Growth 101 is my free course, and covers the basics of growth. 

Growth marketing courses trusted by startups & founders from companies like:



Craig did an amazing job of getting to know me and my product ideas, to help me find clarity on my goals, methods, and next steps.

Chris T.



Craig helped me review our SaaS metrics and gave me experienced opinion on where our biggest opportunity is... It was very helpful to walk someone through the whole funnel numbers and get reference for what is normal and what is not at each stage.

Jan K.



Fantastic! Very knowledgeable. Very helpful. We learned a lot about Craig's workflows for customer discovery research.

Nichole D.



Loved the session. Gave me a true sense of clarity and just a different perspective. Made my week....I would absolutely recommend speaking to Craig if you need a well-rounded view of your business...

Maris S.