10|20 Workshop: the Exclusive Brand & Growth Marketing Intensive – in collaboration with Coursalytics


To clearly and deeply identify and further validate your brand and growth strategy in a fast yet rigorous manner. 10|20 is a one day intensive workshop resulting in actionable brand and growth marketing strategies.


If you are unsure if your idea can become a true brand, if you need to see it come to shape, if you are hoping to improve how customers find you and how you drive intent, if you need to be in the right environment, with the right peers and best mentors to finally get you to the next step, then this exclusive intensive is perfect for you.

Attendees will hear from renowned L.A.-based author and brand strategist Fabian Geyrhalter and serial founder and startup whisperer Craig Zingerline in 10-minute sprints to be followed by 20-minute hands-on sessions. The proprietary back-to-back process allows for swift yet educated output, including a brand platform document and a refined, validated and executable growth marketing strategy, all in 1-day!

Past events

6/26/19 – Intro to Growth Webinar (Product school)

In collaboration with Product School, I ran an Intro to Growth Webinar on June 26th, 2019.

View video on YouTube here

Select dates in Philadelphia, New York City, and WAshington DC

Dates & Locations

“We believe given true leadership, deep expertise, and our uniquely engaging 10|20 process, founders will see a clear path towards the creation of a meaningful brand and the framework for how to grow that brand within a matter of hours.”

– Geyrhalter + Zingerline, Co-Founders 10|20 workshop